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"Your multihyphenated girl who loves everything digital and fashion"

Hi! I'm Abby Laine, more commonly known as "Yna", and I am a 26-year old digital marketer, freelance fashion designer, vlogger, and local textiles advocate from the Philippines. I graduated BS Business Administration from the University of the Philippines,  and worked in the advertising and fashion industry from 'til today. 

I am currently pursuing Digital Marketing as my primary career path. I am a freelance Digital Marketing Strategist, and employed as Maple & Honey's Digital Strategist at the same time. I have undergone multiple certifications and on the way to get an OMCP Digital Marketing Certification.

I also create made-to-measure ladies wear, from casual to formal and do graphic design. I also travel around the Philippines to learn more about the country's culture, specifically local textile production. Through my digital platforms and by joining fashion shows, I hope to promote cultural awareness by producing videos and blogs and creating a couture collection featuring different textiles and the people behind these beautiful creations.

Currently the country is facing many issues that sometimes, honestly, would make me frustrated being a Filipino, but then I remember that there are still a lot of things about the Philippines to be proud of and I personally chose our indigenous cultures, how it has stood the test of time despite years of colonization and modernization, specifically the ingenuity of Filipinos in producing textiles; from connecting to their spirituality before the process, extracting the fibers from natural resources, to weaving the intricate patterns. The culture is slowly dying so together with other advocates of this cause, we hope that with our little but sincere ventures, we will be able to help preserve the culture and pass it on to the next generations. 

I still have a long way to go. Join me in my journey to living my life's purpose. Mabuhay!

Skills: Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Fashion Design,

Travel and Fashion Photography, Creative Direction

Advocacies: Promoting Local Textiles, Mental Health Awareness

Mentor: Felipe de Leon Jr, former chairman of NCCA

Fashion Shows:

  • Philippine Fashion Gala (November 2018, Conrad Hotel)

  • Philippine Fashion Gala (June 2018, Green Sun Hotel)

  • The Grand Affair (June 2017, City Garden Grand Hotel)

  • Equinox Designers Week (March 2017, Golden Phoenix Hotel)

  • Likha Benefit Fashion Show (2014, Amoranto Sports Complex)

  • Artetekta Benefit Fashion Show (April 2013, SMX Convention Center)


Marketing Experience:

  • Junior Project Manager, Impact Training and Consultancy Services

  • Fashion Marketing Executive, Omnimoda International

  • Social Media Manager, IM Consultancy Services

  • Digital Strategist, Maple & Honey Digital Agency


  • BS Business Administration, University of the Philippines

  • Garments Construction and Fashion Design, Style and Design Academy, Manila

  • Innovation Entrepreneurship (Short Online Course), Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

  • Digital Marketing Specialist, Simplilearn Singapore

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