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"Help me promote and preserve more of our indigenous cultures and textiles"

I hope you can help me continue my advocacy of helping our indigenous communities as I directly immerse with them and purchase many yards of their handwoven textiles and create modern couture collections to share their stories by joining big fashion shows and creating documentaries. I have already showcased Mountain Province (Sagada Weaving) and Albay (Abaca Pinukpok). You can check them in my vlog section.

This advocacy costs a lot: travel expense, the fabric, and the costs of joining a fashion show.

I hope you can help me fund my passion project. I am not earning from this project. In fact, I am in debt, but I still continue because I believe in the beauty of our culture amidst the chaos that is happening in our politics and urban setting. I want to remind our countrymen that the Philippines is still beautiful, especially our indigenous peoples. 

Thank you and Mabuhay!

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