An Honest Blog About the Udacity Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program

I'm currently enrolled in a digital marketing course offered by Udacity, the Become a Digital Marketer Nanodegree Program. As I am in the middle of it, I already want to share my honest feedback and the story of how I found out about it.

Just a recap, I experienced a challenge in my career when most of us in the company got laid off due to unexpected circumstances. I was unemployed for about three months. That was a very difficult time for me knowing I have a lot of bills to pay, medications to maintain, and businesses to sustain. As expected, my mental health broke down again, but as usual, I got back up again.

My life was pretty stable again. In fact, I was able to finish an emceeing/hosting licensing course. I felt like I have so much motivation in my life again that I thought of boosting my career. Since I just finished a course, I realized I have extra time. I wanted to utilize it, and I thought maybe I could take another digital marketing course. I searched for courses online with keywords "Online Digital Marketing Courses" and of course, paid searches appeared first, followed by high-rank lists, reviews, institution websites and etcetera.

There was one course that I almost enrolled in: the NUS Business School Digital Marketing Course. It was enticing for an obvious reason: it was from NUS! But then, as expected, it was expensive. Costs ~$800 for a 3-month course. I thought about it, asked for advice from peers and mentors, and decided not to push through. Why? Because there may be cheaper alternatives of the same offering.

The search continues. Days of Googling, comparing courses, getting targeted by Facebook ads. And oh btw, whatever course I chose, the funds are borrowed from my sister. So I really have to find the best value I could.

Until one day, I came across this list which seemed reliable (pun intended). What caught my attention was the Become a Digital Marketer Nanodegree Program. After consulting my peers and my mentors, I enrolled in the course...and I am loving it! Here are the reasons:

  • I found it at a time it offered a discount

  • It collaborated with the top digital marketing tools

  • It had a user-friendly interface

  • You can talk to your co-enrollees and consult with mentors

  • The projects involved real-life examples/applications

  • The videos were well-produced

  • The instructors and speakers were credible

  • It covered the essentials

  • They have good English

Yes, I had to mention that last bullet because the previous course I enrolled in was very hard to understand because of their English.

So right now, I'm in the middle of the course and I can definitely say this it is worth it. Best value, indeed! So if you have that extra ~$400 (or if someone's willing to lend/sponsor you) and you want to learn more about digital marketing, I highly recommend Udacity's Nanodgree Program on Digital Marketing. Take my word for it!


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