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Every Client Is A Lesson

I have only established my name as a couturier last year so my first few clients will always be memorable. Unlike the masters of our craft, I still have a lot of room for improvement, and the only way to learn is through experience and learning from it.

The wedding happened last December. I only got to write about it now because I was very busy during that month plus I got sick. I was even in a vegetated state during her wedding so I wasn't able to make it. Good thing she understood.

Kharen is my second bride and could be one of the most unforgettable brides of my lifetime simply because I learned a lot of things as I make her wedding dress possible. So far, it was the most difficult and time-consuming dress I ever made.

Her dress, based from her request, is a box-pleat ball gown with lace applique both on the bodice and the wedding veil. The both of us agreed to us an uncommon lace. When an unusual yet beautiful pattern and the bride approved of using it.

I am used to handsewing laces on the bodice, but it was my first time to put on the veil. Putting the lace on the veil was the most time-consuming to the point that I had to request my client to extend the deadline. My mom had to help me just to catch up with the final deadline.

Usually it only takes 2 fittings to have it perfectly fitted for the client, but this time was different. I was shocked to see her weight dropped so me and my team did major changes on critical parts of the gown.

Because of all these mishaps, my clients inevitably got worried about her gown and I completely understand her because it will probably be the most unforgettable day of her life. She wasn't mean, but I can feel she was anxious. I had a feeling that it will already affect my anxiety too, so I became honest with her and finally told her about my mental disability.

After that honest conversation, everything went into place. The gown already fitted well and it was finished just right on time. It took my client to give complete trust in me, and my perseverance to make her wedding dress happen. So when the photos came out, I was so glad with what I saw.

I would like to sum up the lessons I've learned with my transaction with Kharen:

  1. Expect the unexpected. Your client can drastically change her figure even in a short span of time because of course, she wants to look her best on her special day.

  2. Handsewing lace always takes DAYS, not HOURS. Make sure to a lot a week or more just for the handsewing part.

  3. Be honest with your client. I disclosed my mental disability and it made our transaction smooth. My succeeding clients needed to sign a waiver that they are giving their gown made by a Person With Disability (PWD).

Every client is a blessing for me. Not just because of the money I get, but because of the experience; the learning process, the people I meet and get to know better, and the fact that I am a part of a very special day.

To Francis and Kharen, advanced congratulations!

Kharen, thank you thank you so much for the trust. <3 Hoping to make another dress for you someday! Really learned a lot. :)


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