How I Stay Sane During Covid-19

The pandemic is compromising people’s physical and mental health. Although fortunately I’m not infected by the virus, I would still have to battle with my mental condition. The first days were especially difficult. I’ve been crying almost everyday due to fear and anxiety. I haven’t been eating and sleeping well. Thankfully, after more than a week, I was able to conquer my anxieties and now, I am much more stable. So how am I able to stay sane during the pandemic?

1. Makeup Tutorials

During the first weeks of the pandemic, I have no idea how I ended up doing makeup tutorials. All I know is it was another form of art therapy, and I was enjoying what I was doing. Every other day I would try to create a new look. Over time, my makeup skills improved. I swear my first ones sucked. A person had to message me how my eyeliner was messy lol.

2. TikTok

Yes, I gave in to the hype. At first, I was planning to just try doing a couple of videos, until I ended up creating plenty lol. I even maintained a feed. I guess the hardest video was my dance cover of Alab by SB19.

3. Song Covers

As a bipolar, I would often switch hobbies at an instant. Remember how I used to paint everyday? Now that’s over. It also came to the point that I got fed up creating makeup tutorials and tiktok videos (or did I just run out of ideas, idk). So my most recent hobby would be doing song covers. During the pandemic, I was able to purchase an Audio Technica recording microphone. It’s a lot better than the first mic I had, so given that I have a better equipment, I enjoyed recording song covers. I have plenty on my laptop, but I only uploaded a few. I guess my favorite would be Fix You because it’s a Melody-Soprano-Alto rendition.

4. Faith

I found myself becoming more prayerful these days. Every 9pm on weekdays, I would join the rosary with my co-parishioners at San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish, Quezon City. I also listen to a lot of Elevation Church sermons and Elevation Worship songs. It just feels relaxing afterwards!

5. Mindfulness

A really good friend of mine, Angelo Santiago, gave me a book entitled “Mindfulness in Eight Weeks”. It’s sort of an instructional book on developing the skill of mindfulness to manage anxiety and alleviate depression. It’s quite a commitment, but it’s very worth it. I had a better understanding of what’s going on in my mind. I recommend practicing mindfulness alongside regularly taking meds to make the most out of the healing process.

6. Virtual Communication

During the pandemic, we’re prone to experiencing loneliness. Thankfully with technology, we are able to easily connect with people. I often have video calls everyday, and I make sure to chat with a few people on Facebook. Zoom meetings with my friends, as well as Netflix Party with my boyfriend also helped!

7. Netflix

Speaking of which, I also subscribed to Netflix during Covid-19. My boyfriend and I share the account, so we’re able to watch our most loved movies and series, together and on our separate time. I would watch How I Met Your Mother, and my favorite and the recently concluded, Modern Family. I also tried Kdrama and was able to finish Crash Landing on You. I got so attached to the story! For movies, I would always go for romcoms. I would avoid series or movies that trigger negative feelings.

8. Food

One of the things that I am very thankful for is that at home, we are still abundant with supplies, especially food. There’s a store nearby where we could easily buy food whenever we want. I would also always cook Tuna Pie, and was able to make Mango Graham, Vegetable Patties, Cookies, Corned Beef Balls and Sweet Potato Fries. Yumm!

9. Love

This is the thing that I am most thankful for. Fortunately, I am with my parents during the pandemic. We celebrated my birthday last March 25, and we had my favorite food delivered: pesto from Avenetto, and pizza from Pizza Hut. My boyfriend also constantly communicates with me, and we are able to bond virtually like video calls and Netflix and Facebook watch party.

10. Hope

I think what keeps me going is holding on to the hope that the pandemic will be over someday. Everyday, we are updated with the number of additional positive cases, and statisticians infer that it will still take a couple more months to see an improvement, but guess what: we have an unfailing God! I have witnessed His miracles, and it gives me the assurance that He will do the same.

These are the things that kept me sane during the Covid-19 pandemic. How about you, how are you doing? What have you been doing to cope with anxiety and stress? Comment down below!

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