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I Finally Met Megan Young!

Megan Younger finally met Megan Young!

Early this year, the Walang Siesta DJs of DZBB Super Radyo surprised me by letting me meet Megan Young in the flesh! Megan Young has been my idol since her days in Starstruck and I have been impersonating her since a lot of people see our resemblance.

I was about to end my work for that day when DJ Tootie (Dames Avan) called me to go urgently come to their show. I thought it was another interview. I wasn't prepared at all: no eat, sleep, and didn't even took a bath. He then revealed that I was about to meet my idol, Megan Young, so I hurriedly booked a TVN to go to their station. I did my makeup while the car was running lol.

Finally seeing her is just priceless. Before this meet-up, I had an incident with a brand hosting a meet-and-greet with her but their marketing head was very unwelcoming of me. DJ Tootie heard about that incident that he remembered me when he found out Megan will be their guest. I was literally shaking when I saw her; like I can't believe I'm finally meeting her. I really thought it was impossible, but DJ Tootie made it happen.

Megan was so authentic that she still keeps on playing her favorite online game in the booth. She hugged me right when I entered and that's where my tears fell down lol. Up until we both left the station, she was very welcoming and kind about the fact that I'm impersonating her and that she was my idol. I was completely starstruck at first, but I managed to still get a selfie right after.

I am just so happy to have finally introduced myself to one of my inspirations in life. She is so kind and so real! I thought this would never happen, so special thanks to DJ Tootie for making the dream happen.


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