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I Showed Up To My Barkada After A Year

Early this year, my college barkada and I had a mini-reunion in Islas Pinas, a Filipino-themed state-of-the-art food court in Pasay City. They have been meeting once-in-a-while without me and I was intentionally not showing up to them. Finally during that day, I did.

Before I had myself diagnosed with A&D, of course I knew I was already having it when the symptoms were starting to show. One of it was isolating one's self and unintentionally pushing away the people around you. I don't know exactly why, but maybe because I don't want them to feel the burden of having a friend who has a mental disability.

I only entrusted myself to a handful of people, but it did not include the people I met with in Islas Pinas because I feel like they won't understand me because they're in a different state: they're working full time, enjoying it, have the money to travel and all.

But it turns out I was wrong. They also had their personal struggles related to work, and that is something I am spared of. And during the time that I needed them, they reached out to me and that was heartwarming. That was the time that I decided to show up to them again.

So as mentioned, we met in Islas Pinas and the place was just beautiful, the food was great, diverse and affordable, and the payment system was innovative! The best part about it is that it's not crowded! People know how I hate being in a crowded place.

So Filipino, right?

Beep beep beep!

Nici and I in the old-manila inspired area

The area that I loved the most was the Cordilleras area where there was a big background of the rice terraces and a mini traditional Igorot house (which was actually inaccurately built. Sorry Islas Pinas. The roof was so wrong). But anyway, I enjoyed shooting video clips there.

I'm wearing my Montañosa skirt!

We ate inside the "Paoay Church" where there was a fountain in the middle. With me was my twinnie Paulyn, my fashion-partner Nici Santos who apparently dressed up with the same theme as mine; that's how similar our fashion taste is!, and of course, Alfred, who happens to be my ex hehehe but now we're good and brought back our friendship. In fact, we even joke about our past relationship lol. We missed one in our group, Issa, who is the ultimate entrepreneur. BTW we're now officially called PINYA because we're Pau, Issa, Nici, Yna and Alfred. #highschool

Nici, Pau, Me, Alfred enjoying our Binalot, Tapsilog, Buko Pandan Juice, Sansrival, Halo-halo and etc!

I think we only spent 30 minutes of eating, and the next 3 and a half hour was just picture taking in the place haha! That was how picturesque the place was so I highly recommend!

And thanks to my PWD card, I have discount. XD

So just scroll down to see our photos!

The ethnic fashionistas

Spot the person being to extra

Alfred likes it in the side because he think it makes him thin. No Alfred. It does not. Go backwards. That's the key!

CE smile :D (CE is our org. UP Circle of Entrepreneurs) where we all met

The "tourists" spotted a very fashionable Igorot planting lol. Alfred is not cooperating

They really love this area

She regretted not dressing up so I made her carry my bag to have an ethnic accent


She's adorable here tho!

Who run the world? Girls!

Nici has a call but she still smiled lol

And now everyone's doing it lol

My twin and I in a Balangay!

Expect this to be my display picture one of these days

Our finale photo by the tusok tusok

Through the photos, you clearly see how I enjoyed seeing them again. In fact I initiated a group hug before we parted ways. I just love these guys. <3 I just have to remember that they are just there and that they understand. :) We all have our different struggles, but what matters is that we're there for each other. :) [even if Nici is always overseas lol]

I love PINYA!


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