Inspiring Students To Make an Impact Through Entrepreneurship

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

Last January 22, 2019, I was invited to deliver a talk to Senior High School students of the University of the Philippines Integrated School taking up Accountancy and Business Management. This was part of the school tour of Young Entrepreneurs Convention, a project of the UP Circle of Entrepreneurs, my favorite organization when I was an undergrad. I took this chance to try my best to spark the entrepreneur in them and make an impact in the society through entrepreneurship.

My talk was not your ordinary seminar where you see bulletpoints of to-do's, filled with business jargons and etc. I made it pretty interesting because I was talking to a young audience. Which is why I took them to my journey of being an entrepreneur, with a twist. And I entitled my talk as #RealTalk.

Why #RealTalk? Because I bombarded them with the dark truths about entrepreneurship. I not only shared survival tips to them, but I also unveiled to them my downfalls and how I rose above those downfalls.

I can say I that I was successful in getting the Gen Z's attention. They were attentive, interactive, to the point that they would make a lot of side comments... and I super appreciate that! I had so much fun telling my story WHILE warning them with the difficult path they will face in case they take the entrepreneurial track.

In the talk where 12 entrep tips:

  1. A business idea starts from a painpoint.

  2. Todo kayod talaga sa una!

  3. You need the right and relevant skills set fit for your business.

  4. Sometimes, you need luck.

  5. If you’re not the lucky one, be the determined one.

  6. Target the right market, and match it with the right product, price, place and promotion.

  7. Scale your business.

  8. Know when it’s time to let go. :(

  9. Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur.

  10. Spirituality is also important.

  11. Bilang mga Iskolar ng Bayan, make sure to give back to our country.

  12. You learn along the way.

So to check if the kids really paid attention to my talk, I conducted a giveaway! The twist was they had to show me their mobile phones that they liked my page. ;) #marketing

Students starting to find my facebook page and checking their notes

I gave away a Michaela wallet, YEC team gave away shirts, and the person who answer the hardest question won P5000 gift voucher from Yna Mendez Couture! And that question was "Which entrep tip did I emphasize as the most important entrep tip that I gave to you today?"

It was "Bilang mga Iskolar ng Bayan, make sure to give back to our country."

And why did I choose that? Aside from the fact that that was the oath that we took when we UP students graduated, people know for a fact that I have so much concern with what the country is facing: a strategic president, so strategic he can do what a dictator does despite democracy. What else? Pollution. Overpopulation. Teenage pregnancy. HIV. Stigma on mental health and LGBTQ+ rights. Lack of discipline, and the one that touches my heart the most, taking our indigenous cultures off their ancestral land and the dying culture of handweaving. My hope in this talk is that these students, who are taking accounting and business track, that in their career, they would find a way to at least make an impact regarding these issues. More so, I want to encourage them to take the path of entrepreneurship because being your own boss, taking full control, gives you the power to set the direction. As for me, as the owner and Chief Creative Director of Yna Mendez Couture, I decide which cultures to help, when and how. To me, this is the best thing about being entrepreneur no matter how hard it can be.

Yanna Narvaez, project head of YEC, awarding me a Certificate of Appreciation, and UPCE president Erykah Lao giving me sweet tokens <3

I am very very thankful my organization invited me to do this. It was 2 years ago when I last delivered a talk and in my position right now, I feel like I am on fire to encourage and inspire more people through my experience!

Thank you UPIS for a fun hour! Thank you UPCE for this platform.


BTW! If you are an undergrad, UPCE is recruiting new members for AY 2018-2019, 2nd semester! I and my friend, Mikee Valle, who owns Tipsy Box Mobile Bar and Hey Hana Events were invited to be the faces of their recruitment materials. I had so much fun catching up with my CE babies!

In UPCE, they have found the Entrep in them, and are now going on bigger opportunities and possibilities.
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So much love for UP Circle of Entrepreneurs!

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