Meant to Be: My First Wedding Client Experience

Updated: Oct 26, 2018

This blog just can't wait to be written the next day. I swear I am still so ecstatic as I right this down. More than overwhelmed, I can say, because it was another entry from my bucketlist that has been ticked off: to make a wedding gown!

At first, I thought making wedding gowns was just an ordinary task for every designer. Or idk, maybe because I'm that emotional designer that takes every designing experience extremely personal. But anyway, let me share to you my experience in this journey.

I ran an ad on facebook about making wedding gowns and it got lots of responses. As an advertiser, that probably was the best performing ad I ever ran. But efficiency wise, I had unwanted messages like there was this random kid asking for an iPhone X from me. Ugh that was just cringy.

I decided to shut off the ad, but there was one respondent who made a follow-up message that she's a bit sure that she'll ask me to make her wedding dress. At first I was feeling hopeless until one day, she gave me a go signal... AND THAT WAS MORE THAN A MONTH TO GO. HAHA Nonetheless, because a dream was about to happen, I agreed to. And little did I know that she actually asked for signs from God if I was the right designer for her. Turns our God really did communicate to her in so many ways to push through!

As you all know, I still don't have an atelier and I use Diligence Cafe Katipunan as my meeting and fitting place for my clients. Client discussions take place in the study area, while fittings take place in the meeting rooms. First time meeting Sei (Sahlee in reallife), it felt like I was talking to a saint! She was just extremely nice and her words seemed really holy and I felt too ashamed at first because I know to myself how much of a bad ass I can be sometimes. But having my deep childhood Catholic background and Christian experience in college, I got to respond to Sei with a bit of effort hehe. Anyway, we agreed on the design, the price, and there you have it! I even implemented my first contract-basis transaction to protect both parties in the transaction.

But you know, everything just went so smoothly. Sahlee and Louis were really really nice and understanding people! I know I broke one of the agreements (which was to provide a fully rendered sketch hehehehe). She just kept continuing wishing me blessings and I felt so warm about it. Day by day, every fitting, I get attached to the couple. Maybe because it was my first time.

SPEAKING OF FITTING. HAHA! The wedding gown almost didn't fit. During the first fitting, it did. But on the second time, for some reason, it needed around 2 inches more of extension and we all panicked about but thank God, it went well.

We had our warmest heart-to-heart talk during the third fitting (which already fit perfectly btw) and we discovered that there was really a reason why God brought us all together. I won't say the details to respect the privacy of the couple, but let's say it's more of a common experience and empathy thing. And it was such a huge blessing for me to have known that and to have known that they understand my situation as an anxiety and depression patient. It was a lovely moment.

I arrived at their hotel at 8am, feeling shy and unconfident that the whole family wouldn't like the gown I made for her. I know Sahlee did like the gown because she's extra nice, but I wasn't so sure at first with the relatives. But the moment Sahlee wore it, everyone was just appreciative and it warmed my heart. Sahlee was sooo beautiful!

She looked like an angel! Well, she really is! And that's where I went emotional, to see the gown that I have sacrificed my sleep just to finish it on time. There it finally sank in; that I'm already part of a very special event of a very special girl. <3

During the ceremony, I felt nothing but happiness for Sahlee that finally, she is getting married to the man she really loves. I have witnessed the kindness of the couple and I believe they do deserve each other and they'll make a great Christ-centered family. And I have to be honest that there were times that I was imagining my own ceremony with my one-and-only, of course.

The choir was just UHMAZING. I was happy to hear them sing one of my favorites Prayer of St. Francis by Ryan Cayabyan. And turns out Sahlee and I had the same favorite church song: How Lovely is Your Dwelling Place

And during the reception, when Sahlee was talking about how God made all these possible, I bursted into tears because I really felt that He did. I ran to Sahlee and hugged her to tell her how she has blessed me by asking me to be her designer. <3

The couple was really heaven sent. <3 So to Louis and Sahlee, congratulations and best wishes! I will definitely never forget you and you will both have a special place in my heart. :) God bless to the both of you! >:)<

With love,


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