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"Montañosa" - Philippine Fashion Gala 2018

The official and full video of Yna Mendez Couture: "Montañosa" Collection in Philippine Fashion Gala 2018: Lokal held last June 2, 2018 at Green Sun.

My modern interpretation of the life and culture in Mt. Province, this collection is a tribute for the locals of Sagada, Mt. Province whose culture and stood the test of time despite years of modernization and colonization. The collection shows the beauty of the province's flora and vegetation, mountain ranges, and the beautiful Igorots. The main fabric, the handwoven fabric, was made by the weavers of Sagada Weaving 1968. Models walked barefooted to symbolize dignity and liberalization. The finale girl is the chieftain who exudes power. The modern version of Salidumay used in the show was arranged by Jer Cruz

Video includes the runway footages from Wazzup Pilipinas, Apotipoti Channel and Michael Marjalino plus credits and tribute.

Models: Rene Mefranum, Trinity Zamar, Vanessa Gremio, Emi Ventura, Alvi ela Cerna, Shey Condicion, Veronica Gualberto, Allynna Macalintal, Josh Wano, Trisha Duncan

Makeup by Ruth Marie Pangilinan using Ysabelle

Special thanks to Aranduque Family, Alwad Henry Akian, Lynn Dimiag and the rest of Sagada

Show produced by MTP Production lead by Mike Tagle


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