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My Top 5 Netflix Series and Movies

So because of the Quarantine, I finally decided to subscribe to Netflix so I can do something on my free time 'cause I'm the type of person who can't get any longer without doing anything. Anyway, I would just like to share my Top 5 shows and movies that I watched and actually like! A lot of spoiler alert though!

5. To All the Boys 1 & 2

To All the Boys is a movie about a half-Korean teenager who ended up being in a relationship with one of her crushes. Yep, sounds pretty lame but a lot of things happened in between. Anyway, what I liked about this sequel is that there are a lot of surprising scenarios, and the chemistry of the leads was unexpected, meaning it just developed throughout the story. But there's a reason it didn't make it to my Top 3 at least: the endings. They were not as intense as the prior scenes.

4. Never Have I Ever

Probably the series that I unexpectedly liked! It's actually the first series I finished a season in just one rant! The series circled around the story of an Indian teenager who was born and raised in California. It was about teenage struggles, friendship, academics and infatuation. What I really loved about this series is that you can't get what's going to happen next, so it kept me wondering "what's in store for next episode?" However, it's not my Top because it's another of your Netflix stories where there's your regular teenager who's involved with the really hot guy in school, like in To All the Boys and Kissing Booth.

3. Crash Landing on You

Okay. At first, I wasn't into Korean drama at all. Call me racist, but at first, I don't like hearing them talk LOL but the reviews got me! So CLOY is about a rich South Korean woman who crash landed on North Korea and eventually fell in-love with the North Korean soldier. What I love about this series is that even if each episode was really long (1.5 hours each), every turn of events was unexpected and interesting. Not draggy at all! Yet again it isn't Top 1 because I didn't like how the ending was directed. And, the drama scenes triggered negative feelings lol.

2. Atypical

My runner-up! I loooove this series so much! It's about the life of a teenager with autism. The take was a mix of drama and comedy. the turn of events, and the characters were interesting. The humor was also smart, and there are a lot of surprising scenes! I just love unexpected scenes, you can tell. For me, the series was close to perfect. It was very well-directed.

1. Modern Family

So yah, the recently concluded series made it to my Top spot. Modern Family is about 3 families connected by blood, and all the members have interesting personalities. From there you can immediately tell why I like it. It's comedy, and no episode failed to make me laugh out loud. Each episode is just 20 minutes so there isn't much twist happening around, BUT each story has a good plot. I like how each episode is ended with a lesson. The humor is unfailing. This series just makes me feel good, it's my go-to when I feel streased.

So as you've noticed, I only watch feel-good ones, mainly because I don't want to trigger any negative feelings. I want Netflix to be my safe and comforting space. So yah! That's all! How about you?


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