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Pag-Uli sa Sadiring Banwa: The Making of Magayon's Entourage Collection

I have been promoting the use of local textiles for clothing, and now it's time to promote the highest-quality handwoven textile that is proudly from my homeland, Albay. Discover my journey in searching for the weavers of Abaca Pinukpok, how I turned it into an elegant couture collection, and my enjoyment in revisiting my homeland.

Bonus: The Magayon's Entourage Fashion Film at the end sponsored by Congressman Joey Sarte Salceda, the Bicolano politician that never failed to support Bicolano talents :)

#YnaMendezCouture #DesignerWithAPurpose #YnaMendez #MagayonsEntourage #YnaMendezXAlbay2D #Albay #AbacaPinukpok


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