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Sagada 2017

Since it's my first attempt to create a vlog, it would be much easier if it's about my favorite place yet in the Philippines; the place of healing: Sagada, Mt. Province. Sagada is in the western part of the Province and boasts its caves, mountain views, rice terraces, and cold climate. For me, what makes Sagada special are the nice and very accommodating people there. We've made constant friends (namely Kuya Alwad Henry Akian, our consistent and funny tour guide), and Lynn Dimiag, owner of Sagada Heritage Village.

Quick Story: My boyfriend left his cellphone in our van from Banaue to Sagada and got stolen, but thanks to our friends in Sagada, the cellphone is back! ;)

I've been here for already thrice and it keeps on getting better. I could actually bet that I'll create another one next year. For now, enjoy this video! Destinations: - Banaue Rice Terraces - Pongas Falls - Gaia Cafe - Sagada Lemon Pie House - Kiltepan Viewpoint - Marlboro Country - St. Mary Church - Kamowan Weaving - Sagada Brew - Lake Danum

Accommodation and guide c/o Sagada Heritage Village


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