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Missing Sagada Heritage Village

I recently uploaded a #latepost vlog on my Youtube channel; a quick tour of Sagada Heritage Village; my favorite accommodation in the Philippines! Sagada Heritage Village offers traditional Native huts as hotel accommodations. They have several authentic Banaue,Mayoyao and Sagada Nipa Huts within the whole complex.

I have stayed here for three times already, and I keep coming back! The authenticity of the huts is the best asset for me. As an advocate of indigenous cultures, knowing the huts are authentic means a lot to me. Also, the fact that it's isolated from the municipality center makes it a very peaceful place to stay so if you're after a relaxing stay in Sagada, this is the place to be. However, you don't have to worry about going around Sagada. It's not that far; I personally walk from here to the center so I can enjoy the cool breeze of Sagada.

Our friend, Henry, or one of the drivers will pick you up from the Tourism office after you have registered. Make sure to contact the owner, Ma'am Lynn so she can arrange the pickup for you.

Speaking of Ma'am Lynn, she has already became a good friend of mine. She's very kind, sweet and hospitable. They have really adorable and well-behaved dogs that can keep you company when you're in the coffee or bonfire area.

And yes, they have bonfire! Perfect way to end the night while drinking a can of beer. I strongly recommend you bond with the natives, usually the tour guides. They are really nice and fun to drink with! In the morning, they can also offer you brewed coffee.

I give it a 4.8/5! Now where's the .2? It goes to the food. As a VERY PICKY EATER, the menu doesn't really match to my taste. Actually, the way to enjoy Sagada food is by eating in the different go-to restaurants and cafes such as Gaia Cafe, Sagada Brew, and Yoghurt House. ( I hope they're all still operational.) So yah ma'am Lynn if you can read this, HEHE :D

While many people would want to roam around Sagada, as a repeat visitor, I already came to the point where I am already contented staying in Sagada Heritage Village. That's how nice the "hotel" is. I look forward to staying there again after the pandemic!


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