So, How Am I during the Pandemic?

As a very outgoing person, staying indoors for two months is quite a challenge. Not only was I not able to push through with my summer plans, a large part of my career has been compromised: no public gatherings means no special occasions, means no fashion design clients. D: You expect this to frustrate me a lot and I must admit, during the first days of the quarantine, I was mentally not okay with everything that's happening. But over the two months of being stuck at home, I was able to conquer my anxieties, and I ended up being one productive person.

First, I am thankful that I have a day job as well. I am currently a freelancer digital marketing strategies, but at the same time, by choice, kind of exclusively working for Maple & Honey, an Australian digital marketing agency. Because of my work for the agency, I am able to still earn despite that my designing career was on halt. I mainly do social media management, blog writing and copywriting for the company. These are the things that I enjoy doing, so working is not such a burden for me. In fact, I couldn't imagine spending the quarantine period without something to constantly do like this one! Also, thankfully, I have the best bosses. Shout out to Kyle and Kayley Meloche, as well as Alistair Taylor for being the most awesome employers I ever had! They are so sweet, so appreciative and motivating. I thought I'll never meet employers like them. Heaven sent, indeed! I think the most memorable task that I did for them is during the launch of their new brand, Social Geeks. It wasn't part of my job description, but I did some marketing strategy, graphic design, and video editing for them, and I just loved doing them! It brings me back to my college days where I would usually do those kinds of things for class and for my orgs (which I always enjoy). I especially loved doing vector arts and animated videos for them. It was really fulfilling!

Second, thankfully my family is abundant of supplies. My sister who is a doctor would regularly deliver supplies to our house. Also coincidentally, there's a nearby store that sells basic needs, and those were enough! Village Tap was also nearby, and delivered groceries to us when we need them.

Third, because of the work-from-home set-up, I have the liberty to schedule my time, enabling me to have enough time for work and for play. So for the "play" part, I was able to do some hobbies and explore some new skills. I did a lot of [imperfect but decent] makeup tutorials during the first part of the quarantine, all uploaded here on my vlogs section of my website and in my Youtube Channel. Sadly though, wasn't able to paint. :( I failed to stock canvass, and National Bookstore is closed so yah. So instead of doing some visual art, I went back to music. I was also able to record songs, both pop and classical. I got a recording mic delivered to me, and used it to create my song covers. Here's my favorite:

Fourth, I am just so blessed to have both my parents with me during the pandemic. Initially, I was supposedly be left here in Manila, alone, with my pets. But we found a way to get my mom and my nephew from the province, and so we were all together here. So we didn't worry about each other because we're intact here in Manila!

Mentally, of course considering my condition, I would still constantly feel anxious and all, but it wasn't so bad. Aside from my meds, I guess I was already able to develop the skill of mindfuless, thanks to my friend and now lawyer, Anjo Santiago, for introducing me to the concept. (Congratulations btw Atty. Anjo whoo!) I was able to do some exercises so I can have a better control of what's happening in my head. But of course, during my red days (lol), hormones are so strong so that I cannot control hehe. But generally and thankfully, I'm fine.

Health-wise, I'm pretty much okay, but I have a very weak immune system (all my fault though!) so even if the quarantine pass holds my name, I wasn't allowed by my parents to do our groceries because of the big risk. So basically just had all our resources delivered at home.

I guess my minor burdens during the quarantine was that my body clock was messed up. I would normally fall asleep at 3am and wake up at lunch time... and that's not healthy at all even if it's 9 hours of sleep! Also, as mentioned, I had a lot of plans for summer that had to be cancelled. I was supposed to go to Singapore, Pangasinan, Bicol, and Mindoro, and attend SB19's concert. Lastly, of course, being away from my partner is so uncomfortable. Prior to the quarantine, I would usually see him everyday but now, we just have to settle for video calls. I'm just thankful we have a very strong relationship that physical distance doesn't affect it. So yah! I love you so much Ronel Perez haha!

Oh btw guess what: I was able to do some home photoshoots lol! Because my summer plans were cancelled, I decided to wear my summerwear at home and take some pictures wearing them haha! This is inspired by my blogger friend, Rhea Bue's concept #HomeContentForNow. I encourage you guys to join the movement as well by posting your home content and using the hashtage #HomeContentForNow! Let's promote staying at home!

If there's one thing that I learned during this pandemic, that is to be more grateful. Inconveniences will always be there, but generally, I have a blessed life. Although my heart goes to all those who are in a very unfavorable situation during the crisis, I should still take this opportunity to look at the positive side because otherwise, I will just be overwhelmed by fear and anxiety, and that's not healthy. As long as I have food on my plate, a bed to sleep at, and someone to love, I have nothing to complain about. :)

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