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Ta-ta For Now, Modeling

You may have noticed that I post a lot of photoshoots. Most of them are xdeal collaborations with different photographers. This has just been a dream for me when I was a teenager. I have always thought I had the potential to be a professional model. I thought I had the skill to project. I am photogenic. My cheekbones are prominent, heck I have a resemblance with Megan Young. Guess what now: just when people think I'm already chasing the dream, I'm already thinking of giving it up already. Why?

I am facing the reality that standards exist, and they're hard to break. I'm 5"2 and the standard is 5"6. I have been scrolling through many modeling job posts and they all just look for tall models.

Almost all VTRs are also done in Makati. For a person coming from QC, it takes forever to reach the south. A VTR only lasts 5 minutes while the commute takes 2-3 hours. Heck I also run out of money for transportation expense.

Also, more than ever, I have now felt so insecure about how I look: my height, my body proportion, my body fat, etc. I guess I just lost my self-confidence.

Finally, I think I've already have a fair share of photoshoots, that I already ran out of creative ideas to execute.

I don't know why, but this feeling doesn't feel so bad after all. Maybe after several creative output that I did with these amazing photographers, I've already reached the point of contentment. Also, now that I'm about to start a regular job, I guess I'll no longer have time do such. Or maybe it may just be my mental health problem telling me that I can't do it anymore. I really don't know. But who knows I may come back in the future. I guess it's a "Ta ta for now".

Some of my older photoshoots:

Photos by unknown, Choy Palo, Liezel Salcedo, and Jerel Niko


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