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Yna Mendez Goes Digital

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Before Everything Else...

Ever wondered (or bothered) how the things I do seems like they're all over the place? Some may judge me for that. They say I can't seem to find my focus in life. Before, I used to believe them, which made me doubt myself. I always thought I was a "Jack of all trades, but master of none."

Thankfully, I came across this quote that made me realize what's actually happening to my life:

"Jack of all trades, master of learning".

Having all these skills is actually an advantage in life. It just means that I'm already doing my part in finding direction in life. And while I explore all of these passions, it is important that I improve on them. I can even reconsider closing and opening some doors, like how I gave up on commercial and ramp modeling and how I embraced digital marketing.

Ultimately, life will unfold and show me which of those paths is the right direction. So there's nothing wrong with exploring options. At least I have a fallback in case I fail at one.

Digital Marketing: A New Focus

It's already a year since my life crashed big time and I got lost. It was one whole year bringing myself together. But in the middle of it, I revisited one of my skills. Like what I mentioned earlier, in case I fail at one, I always have a fallback. And in this case, it was Digital Marketing. It was the light at the end of the tunnel.

On December 2, 2019 was my first day at Maple & Honey Digital Agency, an Australia-based Digital Marketing agency that offers almost any digital marketing solution you could think of! I started as a Copywriter, writing blogs and ad copies for them. Like I usually am, I gave my 1001% in the job, not knowing that the management actually notices it. So just this June 2020, the big boss talked to me and told me that they're promoting me to become the company's Digital [Marketing] Strategist. I felt so honored and thankful, and it just added to the many reasons why I love M&H.

Unknowingly, life was telling me to try Digital Marketing again.

Wait, Again?

That's correct! AGAIN. I happened to explore this before when I was TheRow.PH's Fashion Marketing Executive. It was actually where I learned most of my knowledge in Digital Marketing. However, my next employer told me this:

I don't believe in Digital Marketing.

And that just hit me hard because I was determined to grow his brand through Digital Marketing! I was just in disbelief, because heck I have a lot of reasons why every company needs Digital Marketing. With that, I left the company. And looking at them now, in this pandemic when almost everyone is online, they're already doing Digital Marketing. LOL.

On Pursuing Digital Marketing

So as I was saying, I returned to Digital Marketing when a friend of mine gave me the idea of working as a freelancer via Upwork and even offered me to work for his agency. At first, I was hesitant due to my condition. But then it seemed like my last hope, so I followed my friend's advice. While I was waiting for clients to come to me, I watched a lot of online courses on Digital Marketing. I got a lot of certifications which made my Upwork and LinkedIn profile more attractive. And it was in UpWork where I and Maple & Honey crossed paths. As mentioned, I started as a part-time copywriter for them, and was ultimately promoted to being their Digital Strategist.

The company is very keen in growing my career (which I am very very thankful for). They enrolled me in Simplilearn's Advanced Digital Marketing Certification Program. Since then, I've been studying the lessons EVERYDAY and I am projected to finish it in 6 months. After which, I will take the OMCP examinations, a reputable association that certifies digital marketing experts. So as you can see, I am very invested in growing my career in Digital Marketing, and I am looking forward to a bright future ahead!

What Happens to My Fashion Design Career

Who said I gave up on it? I'm still creating a couple of dresses for clients, but limited to around 2-3 clients per month. I'm stopped joining fashion shows for now, but I'm planning to have a big come back when I reach my target savings. Fashion will always have a special place in my heart so I can't just leave the industry just like that.

The Bottomline

I will repeat: "Jack of all trades, master of learning." I screwed up big time, but because I have a lot of career options, I was able to save myself. Yes, I was lost, but I ultimately found my way, and it was through Digital Marketing. And being the multihyphenated girl, I'm still doing fashion design on the side. :D

How did you find my story? Comment down your thought! You can also chat with me through the chatbox if you have some questions or if you need advice.

Wish me luck in life!

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